Tuesday, December 11, 2007


So it hasn't really set in that I leave for Amsterdam in just a few hours. I just finished packing tonight, and actually still haven't finished. My mom drove up today and saw my house for the first time, yes I forgave her. I've lived her for a few years and she is just now seeing it!

I think she has packed my lil sister into one of her bags, talk about heavy. We head out tomorrow to visit Amsterdam and to meet up with my sister who lives there and works for the UN at the Hague. This is the place where they put to trial all of the war criminals. Interesting job she has.

She is about to have a baby so we are going over there to visit with her and the baby. Our plans could change any minute because we don't really know when the baby will be here. So we plan to tour around Europe until we get the phone call :) I have never taken a super long vacation, usually only a few days here and there, so spending 3 weeks in Europe is going to be crazy. It's funny how quick you get used to always working, it was really tough to just leave for today and really leave it. I was thinking of ways I could check my email and do work, I'm going to try not to. It's tough to go from full speed working to just go and chill.

She has a friend that is going to let us crash at her apartment. She is out of the country and lives right in the city center and right on the canal, which should be super cool, talk about a blessing.

I am excited for my mom to be able to go. She is the kind of person who never will spend money on herself and always insists that everyone be taken care of before her needs, I think there is something in the Bible about that. So it's good for my mom to be taking this time and relaxing. We plan on taking lots of pictures. I do want to see the Red Light district. No, Sandy, I'm not going to get a prostitute, but I've always heard about it and want to see what it looks like. And no, I'm not going to smoke weed, well unless it's 2nd hand and I get stuck somewhere and have to breathe it in, jk.

I will post pictures soon! I hope to visit a really good church while I'm there also, we'll see how that goes.

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