Monday, March 26, 2007

The Stripclub

So I made it to  Houston and found my way through the mobs of traffic.  I think I have an idea on how we can fight the fanny pack mafia.  See, those men that are walking around airports wearing fanny packs, they must be stopped.  As I look at some of them, I realize that they are someone's father, maybe even someone that might read this blog.  I have figured out how to stop this epidemic.  I want you to go call any man or woman in your family tonight and make sure they are not "wearing."  Fanny packs, that I know of, were never cool.  ESPECIALLY if you are a man, you should not EVER wear a fanny pack.  So if someone in your family is "wearing", please warn them.
So I went to eat Sushi tonight and sat at the bar alone.  It's neat eating by yourself sometimes, you discover new things about yourself.  I've realized that when I am alone, I am not super super outgoing and my normal crazy guy self.  I am much more laid back and quiet.  I downed a lot of sushi and headed out.  I ran into a man who needed a few dollars to catch a bus.  He was probably one of the most interesting men I've met on the street.  I usually never believe what they say.  This guy's name was Tommy and I think I believed him.  His speech was very well and he was very educated.  Long story short, I was able to share the gospel with him after he shared stories of the strip club across the street.  I love listening to people talk about strip clubs, boobs, and other nasty stuff when all along I know I am going to share the gospel with them.  These are the easiest because they cannot lie to you and say they are this super Godly Christian.  This guy told me his story and said that he had lost millions in the Enron scandal and also when his restaurant was closed down because a delivery person killed someone while on duty.  We talked a little about money and this guy really knew his stuff.  We talked about evolution, this guy knew his stuff.  I told him that none of anything we said mattered unless he knew Jesus.  He went on and on.  We talked about Matthew 7 where Jesus says that some will say to him on judgement day, "we did all these things in your name.." and He says, "Depart from me you workers of iniquity, I never you."  I told Tommy that those were the scariest words in the Bible for me.  Those words often sober my thoughts and make me analyze myself and whether I really "know" Him.  Tommy thanked me for talking to him and I thanked him for the same.  I told him to go out and share the gospel and to quit going to strip clubs :)
The most amazing part of this story is that this man raved and raved about Lakewood Church, home of Joel Osteen.  Gosh I want to run into Joel.  I'll hug the craziness out of him.  :)

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