Friday, March 02, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes...

So many of you know the interview with Joel Osteen and Larry King. I think many people think that I just beat up Joel Osteen. You are right. Here is why. See in our culture today, one of the issues at the peak of discussions is, "Is Jesus the only way to God?" This is getting more and more attention. At this point in our history, we have to be CLEAR on this issue and NOT back down. Good people bust hell wide open on a daily basis. The Lord says that even our "good works" are like menstrual rags to Him. It doesn't mean that He doesn't want us to do good, it means that if we are coming to Him and saying that we CAN come to Him by OUR "good works" then He responds with, these are like menstrual rags. This is disgusting but a very vivid and real thing. He wanted us to get the point.

I fly out again for Houston and I usually stay in a hotel near Osteen's church. The church with his name plastered across the front of it, okay, the top left corner. I pasted a link below to an article about Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, and Ted Haggard. Rick Warren has had numerous opportunities to speak on a national platform about his faith in Christ alone and he has failed to do it. He has one of the largest churches in America and most likely, they are doing "good things." He held a national aids conference at his church and had many Jewish, Muslim, and Christian leaders there. As well as many openly gay individuals. Not once was anything about Christ mentioned. Are we here to just do "good things" and have "good works" or are we here to do "good things" and tell people about Christ in the process? If our good works don't lead us to a place where we can share Christ, literally, what are they? They are nothing more than Joe the atheist, Sarah the agnostic, and Ahmed the muslim are doing. I'm sure all three of those people are doing the same "good works" as Justin the Christian. We have to be separate and Jesus was not the most popular guy when He made statements like "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, nobody comes to the Father except by Me." People were angry at those statements. They worked into the "quick" of the hearts and lives of the listeners. They wanted to either love and follow Him or kill Him. It was real simple. You wonder why Joel has such a big church, he said himself that he doesn't like to use the word "sin" in his church. He doesn't want to talk about what Jesus did obviously. Jesus spent more time talking about Hell than He did Heaven. Shouldn't that ring a bell with us and tell us to wake up? We cannot sit and teeter totter on our theology. We must be firm. We must take the risk being specific about salvation and how it is obtained. Jesus did not send us out with "the great suggestion" as Joel Osteen would like to think.

I honestly care about Joel, but more importantly care about the people he is influencing. We are to guard the gospel and to protect teaching. Paul spent time in the Word writing to churches about false teaching and for them to be on their guard against it. We must do the same and encourage others to study the real deal so they can recognize the false.

Can you tell that this bothers me? :)

Article about Chinese children and the Gospel

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Bill said...

Wow, Good article & I agree with what you said. It does seem as though many today are "not out & out denying Christ," but in what they are saying or lack there of are doing so. (Does that make sense?) Including the President. I remember watching a telecast of the National Cathedral in D.C. I forget what for; if someone had died or what, & the Pres. spoke & I was somewhat amazed that he basically said, "If you believe in God, you'll end up in heaven."
And while we are on this subject, what about when you go to a funeral & the person's salvation was questionable at best & the minister/priest is trying to console the family that their loved one is in heaven. NNNOOOOO!!!! Hate to break it to you buddy, but they're in hell. I'm sorry this gets under my skin a bit.
Now let me play the flip side of that for you. When my grandmother passed away, I was unsure of her salvation. Some of the things we found after her death though, lead me to believe I'll see her in heaven someday.
Thanks for the post. p.s. this is not Bill, but Bill's wife, Gail