Monday, March 05, 2007

I spoke too soon, but thanks Terrance

So a few weeks ago I was talking to some coworkers and told them, "ya know I've never had my luggage lost or had a really bad plane experience" blah blah. Well tonight was interesting. First of all, I saw a guy that my brother went to high school with and wasn't really sure if it was him, I walked up, politely asked if he was from Dillon, and he was. We spent about an hour talking, which was good because the plane was delayed. The plane was delayed but the airline reassured us that they would hold our connecting flights. I arrived in Charlotte only to see my connecting flight about to collect altitude. She would not let me on. So I made my way to a 2.5 hour line. One guy was surely about to be arrested for his attitude. The rest of us in the line had fun talking and sharing stories ranging from Walmart buying principles to a 62 year-old man who had a court date for Tuesday. I was not brave enough to ask him why. I just know that he does not currently posses an ID. Go figure. After about 2 hours, I make my way to the counter. A man named Terrance was there and he looked like he had a long night. There were over a few hundred people in line! I was very polite to him and told him that I was sorry all of the other people were jerks. He appreciated my patience (pat myself on back here) :) and he issued me a hotel voucher since I missed my connecting flight. Bad news was, all the hotels they issued were booked. He went all the way downstairs, found me, and had already booked me at another, much nicer hotel. I really want to write US AIR and tell them what a great worker he was. Now, they really did do us wrong on our flights and could have handled the arrangements better, but Terrance did his job very well. He told me that because I was nice to him, I was able to get a hotel for the night. So my lesson in all of this is: Always be nice, friendly, especially whenever everyone else is a jerk.

So I'm sitting here in a hotel room with a slim jim for dinner, and snickers for dessert with a diet coke to wash it down, this is the life. I will sleep for a few hours and put on the same clothes as yesterday because who knows where my luggage is!


Blake Wilbanks said...

JT - Good story, very captivating. I would encourage you to write US Air about Terrence's excellenct customer service. I would suggest writing it to the CEO of the company - though it may not get through, it has the best chance of having Terrence properly recognized.


Candice said...

wow. while you were in didn't call your friend who lives in Charlotte....hmmm. hope you got your luggage later :)