Friday, January 18, 2008

Was I sleeping?

I woke up and had the saddest thought yesterday. I got in from Connecticut about 3:30AM on Thursday morning after my plane from Detroit was canceled. I have never seen SC road that bad. Anyway. I slept in until about 11:00AM and the first thing I thought as I sprang up from my sleep, "crap, what time is check-out." This is how you know, you have been on the road traveling quite a lot. Sad.

We went out tonight for T-brock's Birthday. After our fun outting, I decided to drive up and stay at Ed and Julie's. Ed and I are going skiing tomorrow so this would be easier, and I like to hear Julie tell me about the girls I should be and should not be dating, it's gotten so fun over the years. I can always count on her to provide me good honest solid truth. As I rounded in front of Ed's house, I just looked at it, and thought, this is a really nice house. It made me think of pulling up to his parents house in high school. Not that the houses looked similar, but that it was just going to Ed's house. It dawned on me that we are straight up adults. Let me think of the things that I did today that are extremely adult.

1. Typed in a security code to get into my house
2. Talked stocks with a guy I work with.
3. Logged into my 401k and saw that it has lost about 2gs in the past month.
4. Got excited about the dropping interest rates and how good it would be to refinance.
5. Looked at the boxes of baby stuff in Ed's spare bedroom and can actually look forward to having kids. Well, I need a wife first. Well, I guess I need a girlfriend before that. I'll work on these things.

Anyway, I just get hammered every year in my mind that this life is going to quickly and I feel like I'm not capturing everything I need to capture. There are so many opportunities all over the place lately and I just don't know which ones to say 'yes' to and which ones to say 'no.'

I cannot waste anything. I am the guy that will beat the ketchup against the wall to make sure every single bit comes out. I eat all of the food on my plate, which is starting to show.

This life is full of things to do, I just want to make sure that I do the most fruitful things. I guess everyone wants that. I'd like to make a few kids too. Okay, so maybe I have mentioned that twice now in my writings, one thing at a time, one thing at a time.


Chris Moody said...

Justin...don't forget that lil kid running around Hamer. He looks just like you....

stunningman said...

Man, I hear ya on the life going by really fast and not feeling like you are hitting on all cylinders. For me sometimes the hardest part of my relationship with God is waiting on his timing.