Sunday, January 27, 2008

Good Game

Writing makes me feel good. Writing in a journal does not make me feel good. It only reminds me of 2nd grade and how Ms. Coates gave me a "C" in handwriting. I want to go back to 2nd grade and plea my case. I want to explain to Ms. Coates, "see, Ms. Coates, I'm only a 2nd grader and I write with my left hand. Have you ever tried to write with your left hand? I bet not because you are right handed." I liked Ms. Coates, she was a cute woman, and one time I'm pretty sure she passed gas in class and I've remembered that ever since. I also remember Mark throwing up everyday.

There is something in each of us that desires encouragement. Before you make a big purchase, you want to read all the reviews of the product, you want to hear your friends say it is a good buy. We want our parents to really approve out mates. We want our friends to say our girlfriend is hot. I feel like lately I've had to make and are making decisions that I don't really get a big encouragement from. I'm not saying that I don't have good friends. I'm just saying that the answers really aren't as simple as buying a good car or a nice computer. I guess we want God to guide us in our decisions, we make the choices through His guidance, and then we want some encouragement from heaven that says, "good choice." Maybe during these times, God wants us to cling a little tighter and worry a little less.

Sometimes the choices we make aren't the most exciting, they aren't the most applauded. I feel like being the President of the United States would be always feeling this way. Constantly making decisions that affect/effect the WORLD and you aren't always going to have a team of people telling you, "Good job, you did the right thing."

I get older, the older I get, the more an idiot I feel. Tomorrow I will lay out my 3 year plan for my life, goals, finances, Courtney Blakely would be very proud of me.

Growing closer to the Lord only reveals to me that I am lost by myself.

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Chris Moody said...

Mrs. Coates was hot...but she could be pretty mean at times...oh I got a C too