Sunday, January 06, 2008

State-Side in 2008

Well I am officially back in the US. I got back just in time to go to Rachel and Brandon Loftus' wedding! It was a small and fun wedding to be at. She is one of the coolest girls I know and she hooked up with a pretty smooth fella, always good to see.

My mom and I successfully made it through Paris for one day and I recovered from some of the frustration the night before being lost for 2 hours. We ended up paying a taxi to lead us to the Hilton, well worth the 8 Euros. We woke up, went to the Eiffel tower, took a few pictures, walked around, and said we were done with France for possibly, forever :)

I got back to Amsterdam, packed up, and left my mom who still has not come back. She has had me change her plane ticket two times now, I think she likes it over there :)

It was fun hanging out with my mom and just relaxing. She is very easy going and anywhere we went, she was happy. I like that quality in people. We had a good time everywhere we went, well minus Paris :) Although, the Paris Hilton was very nice :)

Our trip was very fun, it has definitely opened my eyes to travel even more. I travel domestically every week, but now I want to travel a little more internationally. The whole work thing kinda cramps that style a little bit. The Europeans we met, were some of the nicest people, and very open to meeting new people.

We also had our annual New Year's Eve party. The numbers were down this year, mainly because of the Peach Bowl, but we still had about 40 people and had the most successful dance party yet, which consists of about 5 people consistently dancing, and as many as 10 at one time, sad.

2008, I am hoping is going to be a year of being a little more on the ball. I am going to try to put a little more structure about my own hectic life. This mainly means, tracking every penny I spend, becoming a cheapskate, developing new friendships outside my usual group, and building up some recording equipment to continue to pursue voice-overs. I might even buy a mac once I save the pennies.

Happy New Year!

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