Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hartford to Jersey to New York to Stamford

So the path has been fun this week.  I flew up to Connecticut and have been working.  My mom finally flew in from Amsterdam and I surprised her last night in Newark, as her plane was canceled and had to get a hotel for the night.  Too bad that when I got there, she was already coming back from dinner.  She was happy to be home and didn't hurl on the plane, so she was in good shape.  I saw her off this morning from Jersey at the butt crack of dawn and then drove up to Stamford for the day.  I am on call with work, meaning that if something bad happens, I work, so far so good. 

I am now in the 4th hotel of the week, this one is pretty cool.  I had no idea Stamford was such a pretty city.  I have sea gulls and all sorts of other animals flying outside my window.  The room has a nice balcony overlooking a small river.  The violent man in me is watching the birds play just above a waterfall as they try to pluck fish about to go over the falls.  I am so hoping one of them slips and goes into the water.  Ahh c'mon, they have wings, they can fly. 

Today I will meet Billy Rogers, Nicole Cariri, and Billy's boo Meg for some ice-skating I hope.  I did notice a PF Changs and Kona Grill right near my hotel, this very much excites me. 

I was driving today and paying a crazily high amount of money to drive on the fine roads of NY and NJ and just started to think of how good God is.  It is so cliche to say, but I realized just now that I should always think of God's goodness in a new way.  I have never needed anything that He hasn't provided.  No matter what was supposed to happen and didn't, well God always made those paths straight.  I am healthy, happy, and He's given me a cool job to see a lot of the world, friends that are for the most part, cool.  A family that is very strange like myself :)  But they are great and I love them.

Today is Ed Edwards birthday and his little girl is getting dedicated today at church :)  Say a little prayer for them :) 

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