Sunday, October 28, 2007

So our church went out to a local apartment complex around Clemson and put on a nice thing for the kiddies. We had cars full of candy, a lil craft area to paint, and a field with lots of games. It was a fun time and all came together nicely.

I was asked to give a short gospel message and to use a pumpkin to share Jesus. We talked about how God can open us up, take out all the nasty stuff that is inside us and make us new. We scooped all the yucky stuff out and handed it out to the kids. We went through sin and Jesus and how He paved a way to God for us. In the end, my friend Paige cut a cross out of it and we put a candle inside to talk about how Jesus is the light of the world and how it shines out. Well the problem was, it's about 6PM and there is no darkness so the candle doesn't really work. Well, I had a backup plan, I asked someone to get a huge firework out of my car. Yes this is the part where we could have possibly been on the news. "Church burns down neighborhood." Thankfully- the firework exploded and blew out the rest of the sin that was in the pumpkin and smoke billowed out from it, it was quite awesome.

It's difficult to speak to a vast age range of people especially when they are amped on candy and a good game of dodgeball. It's easy to get frustrated sometimes when you worry that they might not be "getting it." It is encouraging when you look across a crowd and do connect with a few lil faces and you can see in their eyes, they are listening, they are understanding. There could be 50 kids talking and not listening, but just to see a few that are learning of the gospel and starting to see it, that's worth it. Ultimately, I know the Holy Spirit brings those hearts and there is nothing in me or you that could ever convince them of anything.

Please note the BURNED PUMPKIN :)

Back out this week to my mom's home state of Connecticut!


erin said...
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erin said...

isnt it comforting to know that its up to God to bring people to him, and not people who could possibly burn up neighborhoods with fireworks or who scrubs his bathroom naked?