Thursday, October 18, 2007

a cool night in San Diego

So I'm in San Diego again this week, what a sad life :)  After a few flight delays and missed flights, I made it to San Diego for a few days of meetings.  It has been absolutely gorgeous out here around 70 degrees all the time.  I am in a corner room on a place called Mission Bay which looks over the bay and the Pacific Ocean.  I got a really cool room that has two flat screen tvs, not that I really watch tv but it looks cool.  I have the door open right now and no A/C on, just letting the breeze blow off the ocean right into my room, so awesome. 

We went to dinner tonight at a placed called the "Gaslamp Strip Club."  Wow, what a cool place we stumbled upon.  No, it's not a strip club!  It's a place where you go and order meat and grill it yourself.  They have these huge grills all around the place and you just walk up to one with a group of, well, usually men grilling.  This is such a manly place.  I felt like I should grunt like Tim Allen and make lawnmower noises while grilling my ribeye.  We had grill asparagus and mashed potatoes on the side.  I was a happy man after leaving there.

I had a really good conversation with a coworker tonight about God and how the world came to be.  This guy has a Ph.D in Nuclear Physics so it was cool to hear his ideas and how he believes the world came to be.  I've never really been wrapped up in all of the details of how this world came to be, I think it's better to get wrapped up on Jesus and who He is/ was/ and will be.  What did He tell us to do, we should do it.  How did He live, we should live.  I like that Truth can listen to many ideas and not feel threatened.  I like to hear people and their ideas, I ultimately know that Jesus is the only way and the fact that Joe Shmo believe in evolution or doesn't...well it doesn't change the fact that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  My coworker and I had a good conversation about how God exists outside of time, which is so ironic and cool because Jesus was inserted into time to be like one of us for a season.  He got to experience all of the things of this life, He got to experience pain, He got to experience joy, He was one of us.  I just love that. 

So now I am sitting here overlooking the bay and feel small because God has created this HUGE world and universe (one spoken sentence) in which we live and can feel small and appreciate how big God must be.  We are very small fish in this big pond.  I know that Romans says that God's invisible qualities are clearly seen in what has been created and it's so cool to look over this ocean and know that God is in every square inch of it. 

I fly back tomorrow morning to Charleston and then will make my way back up to th upstate of SC. 

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