Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Fun Day

So you know you have worked and talked way too much on the phone when your phone bill hits $530 and you have officially, in one month, talked 47 hours!  Yes, this past month, I talked on the phone for 47 hours and At&t made sure to tell me in the bill they sent.  Wow!  Thank the Lord for expense reports :)

In other news, I am adjusting to life back in the office for the past two weeks.  It feels so funny to be in an office again.  I am just now adjusting back and about to head out to San Diego for two weeks on Monday.  I've never been there and excited about going. 

Tonight I drove to Due West, SC to speak at Erskine's FCA.  Talk about in the middle of nowhere!  It was such a fun time and a great group of people.  I absolutely love speaking and find it so rewarding.  I really enjoy speaking with people afterwards about the things they are dealing with in their life.  I think people open up to speakers because they are strangers and most likely, will never see them again.  I like to hear their stories and God-willing, impart some advice to them.  It's always humbling to go somewhere and speak, I always leave changed myself and charged up again. 

The Land Rover has been a great car so far, I luv the fact that I have room now to drive people around and room to store clothes in the back :) 

Two more days in this work week, can I get a what what!! Woo Woo.  If Tavaras was here, he would do the Soulja Boy dance. 

Sandy is also back from HI and a very happy man.  He made sure to visit and share stories of all the great checker games he played.  JK.  He is a very happy man, I've never seen him so happy.  :) 

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