Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Timing and Decisions

I generally make decent decisions, well I think. I am sure some might disagree. I tend to be the type of person that will research and research. If I buy something, I am generally going to know all the details of it, how it works, etc. I went to buy a C.S. Lewis book the other day and while I was there, I noticed a book on decisions by Andy Stanley. The name of it is "The Greatest Question Ever." It's fun to read in the airport because I know people read the cover and are dying to know what the 'greatest question ever' actually is. He tells you around chapter 2 so I can tell you. He goes through the process in which we make decisions and poses the question...This decision you are about to make could go either way, but is this the "wisest" choice you should make? He forms the book around what is the wisest thing for your life. There are many different directions we could take in life, in who we marry, in where we live, in where we work, how we spend our money, the type of car we drive, the time we put in etc. So far, I am half-way through and it seems to be a good read. I generally read about two books a year so I am not your avid reader by a long shot!

So far I have realized that I need to manage my time and money much better. Well, not to mention many other things I probably need to improve in. I am trying to start being a "doer" of many of the things I "want" to do instead of just talking about them. I'm generally not a "trailblazer" and it's tough to get things running from the ground up. There are so many things I want to do and accomplish and sometimes feel overwhelmed and have a hard time just starting the small things first. I sometimes look at my disorganized room and feel overwhelmed, when I should just start by picking up the clothes, then work to bigger things like making my bed and hanging up clothes :) I like to think in remedial ways, it helps.

Well I am sitting in the Atlanta airport after leaving Charleston yesterday, delayed flight, then missed a connection in Atlanta to San Diego, so Delta paid for a hotel. It's very early and hopefully this plane will leave and I can be west bound for a few days, then back to the South. I did buy a new shirt this weekend and I am wearing it today, it fits nicely and I didn't even try it on :) It has small vertical stripes, I like small vertical stripes. An old lady just said to me...

"you're a gem."
"are you married?"
no. 'mam.
"well tell your mom she raised a nice gentleman, you don't see too many of those these days."

What a way to start a day, I love old people.


Ashleigh said...

I'm reading that book too. Good stuff! Interesting thoughts.....

GE is me said...

I found a website that may help you. Check out flylady.net. It is definitely geared towards women, but since you are single, thought maybe it might help you get things a bit more organized. (Not that you were asking for help.)
I might have to check out the Andy Stanley book. Is he as good as his father?
-God Bless, -Gail

erin said...

justin tanner..you are a gem:)