Monday, July 16, 2007

To Dine with Papa or Alone

So I don't have my people here in Houston this week and for a few days, I'm solo.  I had to make a crucial decision that is usually easy to make.  Where to eat?  The person deep inside me said to just get Papa J's takeout and eat it in my hotel room.  But, the other side of me said, "nah, JT, you want some good sushi."  So I chose to eat alone and go grab some sushi at  I have eaten there a few times and love it.  They have some of the best ribs!

Most people probably wouldn't think this but man I can be self-conscious.  I never really thought I would be that guy, but when you are in a city, away from all your people, and all of your comfort, it gets magnified.  I found there are actually websites devoted to teaching people how to eat alone.  Man, what a crock.  It's easy, just sit there and look like a loser.  JK.  I don't just sit there.  I try to look like I'm normal and try to at least interject somewhere that I do have friends but I am on business. 

I ended up convincing my waitress to go on a cruise.  No, not with me, with her husband.  I made it a short dinner and early night after downing my crab crunch roll and something else????

So it's an early night and work starts VERY early tomorrow.  The good news is I spent a few hours in the ghetto today and did not get shot, the blessings keep coming :)

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Candice said...

I'm proud of you JT. It takes a real man to dine alone. I just watched an espisode on the WB from the show "Girlfriends" about just that!

I hope you are doing SO well!