Saturday, July 14, 2007

A fun weekend with my friends

So this was a fun week and a fun weekend of hanging out. It's amazing how much you miss your friends when you are gone for a while. I enjoyed catching up with everyone and just being stupid as usual. We went to a Greenville baseball game. Pretty fun and the stadium is super nice.

Tonight we spent making our own pizzas. I actually just wanted to grill out but I am glad we did the pizza thing, they were so good.

I head out for Charlotte tomorrow and then fly out to Houston again on Monday for another week of work. Crazy life begins again!

We are booking a cruise for September 10th-15th if anyone is interested. I found an awesome cruise for $350!!! I am super excited and have not taken a full week's vacation since I started working. This will be crunk. "Crunk" has been redefined by me as to entail, dancing, eating, eating, and hanging out all day long doing nothing :).

Hangout and Pizza Night

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AshleyandJoshua said...

I want to make pizza with Lindz, TBrock and of course you too Tanner. I miss my SC friends!! :(