Thursday, July 05, 2007

This shout-out goes to my friend Rachel

You know it's really neat when you have friends that just encourage you by being who they are.  I had dinner tonight with my friend Rachel who happens to have a new boyfriend, go Rachel West.  She is a really neat girl and just being around her encourages me to be a stronger person.  I love how we can be encouraged. 
Well this week is about done and I might be taking a few days off finally after a long time of NOT.  It will be neat to just chill out for a few days and relax.  It's tough to slow down, and chill after you have been going full speed for so long.  I think I will be okay :)

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The Hongs said...

hey Justin! Alex liked his reformation class a lot. I've also enjoyed hearing bits about church history and thinking about how God really wants it to be. I love checking out your are a continual encouragement. Press on!