Saturday, July 28, 2007

Balance is the spice of life

I am all about a good balance in this life. In this video, you can see that Ed is a very caring father and a baby hog as Julie calls him.

The other side of Ed is this one:
I say..."Ed, I know what I will do with all my frequent flyer miles and hotel points, I will save them for my honeymoon someday."

Ed replies, "Justin, those things expire."

I say..."they are good for at least two years."

Ed smiles.

See Ed is a good balanced friend for my life. He is often awful, but I still like him.

Well back on the road this week and I applied to be on a gameshow, it's ABC's new gameshow. I sent a picture in and a lil blurb but the casting was this past Saturday and I had to fly out.

We shall see.


Julie said...

Don't worry, if Mary Addison is too old to be a flower girl, she could always be a junior bridesmaid or sing in the wedding!

daniel r. bass said...

haha.. my miles have 3 years before expiration. hopefully by then you'll find someone you can bribe honeymoon with you.