Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The week begins...

So back in Houston and just got into my hotel.  It's fun to travel to same place over and over, you start to form a routine and people smile at you and know you when you walk in.  The lady that works the counter at the Hampton knows that I like to watch Lost so when I came back from dinner last week, she had the tv in the lobby already piping in Lost.  I came in to Avis today and the girl that always works there, well, she was still working there.  The Schlotsky's I like to eat at in the Houston airport, well she is always working when I get my Ham and cheese w/ salt and vinegar chips.  I've realized that it is not so fun sometimes to be in places where you don't know anybody and everyone is a stranger.  I look at my friends differently when I get back home after each trip, I actually miss them :)

So this is the week that I will be in the worst area of Houston.  I was told that there are more than 20 gangs in the hood I will be working in.  This is the reason that along with the 8laptops we packed up for the trip, I also pack something else to go along my side.  Yes, this is necessary.  I like my job but I will not die without putting up a fight! 

Hopefully I will be alive to write more blogs :) 

Oh yeah, another thing.  I really think there is something about my face that just attracts people that need money.  What in the world.  I love helping people but lately, in the same stinkin hotel parking lot, I get approached by people who either need food, gas, or money.  I've become very blunt with these people and actually kinda enjoy being like that.  Now of course I have a gentle spirit, but I am very clear..."dude you smell like alcohol, are you telling me that you have not had a drink"......"yes, I quit many years ago..." It's tough sometimes to discern who is telling the truth and who is lying through their teeth.  I'm getting better at it though!


daniel r. bass said...

i totally attract people that need money too. I have began to notice these people before they notice me. when i notice them, i do not make eye contact at all. This is actually very tough, I always like to make eye contact and greet someone with a simple smile and nod (especially the less fortunate) but most of these people choose to come out, beg, and do something stupid with the change they receive. i have probably cut down on beggers greeting me for money 60% since. i have so many stories its sad. i could make this comment pages long but i wont.

JT said...

It's so tough to know when to say yes, and when to say "get a job."

Thankfully I didn't get bothered too much today, only had one 10 year old curse at me and tell me to get the R*#(*#(*$#* out of his *$#($*#($ apartment complex. You just need to smile :)