Sunday, May 20, 2007

Chris Moody is married

Chris and the "Lod" are married.  It was a great wedding and very personal.  I love weddings that are personal and the things said are from the heart and maybe a tear or two is shed. 

Top 3 or 4 reasons Lottie is for Chris:

1.  She got him out of his small "bachelor pad"
2.  He came off a K$$$$$ to buy a phat ring.
3.  He bought a house
4.  She's awesome and he is out of his league :)

They are playing checkers right now, by the way.  (Checkers is Christian for "doing it.")  I always wonder why the church is so quiet on talking about sex, it was God's idea people.  For married people to do it.  We should get comfortable saying it. 

On another note, for some reason I thought it would be okay to leave Columbia at 1:00AM and drive back to Pendleton, whew, the decision we make.  Thank you jack-in-the-box for staying open late and serving me a diet coke and a croissant at about 4AM :)

Thank you for your website allowing me to try and book a flight on Sunday to leave Sunday. 

Thank you friends who will pray for me, that despite being busier than I have ever been in my life, I will find time to read the Word and pray.

Thank you Simmons for making the Beauty Rest mattress that I am about to crash in.

Thank you fan people for making the fan that will make that special noise that puts me to sleep. 

Thank you Layla for trying to lick my feet while I type this blog.

Thank you Layla for the fart you obviously just lit because now my room smells funny.

Thank you friends for being my friends.

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Chris Moody said...

Justin are NEXT!