Monday, May 14, 2007

I'll tell you what I like...

I like for my hotel room to be about 67 degrees...this is about the temp that forces u to jump into the king size bed like it's a swimming pool in the middle of the summer.  I just love it.

I will tell you now what I do not like.  I do not like when people get picked on.  Not just in a friendly way, but in a really mean way in which someone is trying to belittle another person.  At a Japanese sushi place tonight, a guy was complaining about his food at the table beside us.  I seriously am a patient person but I about lost it and told this man that he should leave.  He was making fun of the ladies in the store and trying to talk like them, just being an idiot.  Lord forgive me, I really wanted to punch this guy and had already sized him up to see if he could beat me up.  I think I could have taken him.  I just don't understand why people treat people so badly.  There is no way they lay down at night and feel good about themselves.  We made sure to tell the waitress that we thought she was great and I also added that I wanted to take my chopsticks and stab in his , oh wait, I shouldn't be thinking all this.  Forgive me Jesus.  Anyway :)  Either way, man I love sushi.

Oh yeah, don't think you can get away with out anyone knowing......see link.


Candice said...

oooh. i feel your pain...i tell mean people like it is, Lord forgive me...but I feel like its my job to stand up for the martyr!

Congrats Cami!

The Hongs said...

I was talking to Craig Dickerson..(from dillon, now lives in Florence, now at CIU) tonight & realized he knew all of you dillon boys. It was fun to reminisce.