Friday, May 18, 2007

Need Sleep!!!!

So far today, here are a few stories from the Houston area.  I was working in the ghetto today and this is just some of the things I've heard / seen.

1.  A woman explaining (screaming) at another woman that it was okay for her to sell herself because "all my bills are paid."
2.  A kid that could barely walk screamed at and cursed at so bad that it would make a sailor cringe.
3.  A woman propositioned "something" in exchange that her power wouldn't be turned off. 
4.  A car was repossessed in a matter of 10 minutes.
5.  Many people cursed at / around.

It was quite an experience working in one of the worst areas I've ever been.  It has been 4-5 straight nights of 12AM to 3AM and I am SLEEPY!  These are the days you wish you were paid by the hour :)

Chris Moody gets hitched in a day! 

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