Monday, May 28, 2007

Another Week on the Road with God

So we just finished up a nice Memorial Day party that entailed a cookout and then a miniature dance party.  I've been gone the past few weeks and away from all of my friends, it's so nice to come home and be around people again.  I just love people.  There are personality types that like to be at home and not go out much and don't really like being around people, this blows my mind and I cannot even comprehend it.  I do like my alone time and appreciate a nice long ride in the car with no noise, but I always looks forward to times spent with friends.

Now on to character flaws and things I want to work on.  The past few weeks, we have literally worked some 85 hour weeks.  I lost 5lbs last week and I ate like a hog, that should tell you something.  I'm below 190 and I haven't been there in a while.  Well except the time I got sick when I moved into Canterbury and only ate crackers and water, but later returned to the downstairs to film "Herbert Running like Lance Armstrong." Tangent, sorry.  So back to a character flaw.  We have been working like crazy and I realized that I don't trust people.  I tend to try and take on a lot of work instead of trusting that others will take care of it.  I do this in my personal life as well.  I'd rather just do things, that way I know they get done and don't need to depend on anyone.  I know this is a problem.  It would make life a lot easier to trust people with tasks and allow them to help me.  I am going to try. 

While I am at it, I can share another.  I need prayer.  I really struggle on the road to read my Bible.  Being tired is not an excuse but it is what I use and I think my brain is so many other places that I just lose focus.  If the Lord brings this to mind, please pray for me that I will find strength when my body tells me to just go to sleep.  I can see how it is easy to get side-tracked when life gets busy.  This saying one time was BUSY - buried under satans yoke.  Kinda cheesy, but can be very true if you let it control how you focus your relationship with the Lord.  I've struggled the past few months. 

This was not supposed to be negative blog, but it sounds like it.  I guess I'm just learning that I can't do everything on my own and I need people to help me.  On another note, a friend of mine went on a mission trip to South Africa.  She sent me a support letter and like I always do, it got stuck in a pile of mail and I forgot about it.  When I finally remembered it, she already had the support she needed.  I happened to be in Houston so I just sent the money I had with me, which happened to be $60.  It was a small amount and after hearing her story, I wish I would have had more. 

She told me about a man she met at the beginning of the week.  He was working at a mill but had decided to help them translate for the week.  He wasn't being paid, he just happen to be a believer and wanted to help.  Long story short, by the end of the week, she had gotten to know him pretty well and he seemed like a really awesome guy.  He mentioned that he wanted to go to Bible school but did not have enough money to go.  At the end of the week, she told the pastor of the church that she wanted to help this man with his bible school.  It turns out that the money he needed was pretty much the money that she had.  Honestly this made me cry to think that such a small amount of money could mean so much to someone.  #1 I wish I would have sent a lot more.  #2 It is very humbling to see what the Lord can do with our small gifts.  #3  She told him my name and he said he was going to pray for me because she told him that I wanted to go to Bible school someday also. 

It's easy to think sometimes that the small things we do in this life don't mean much, but they do and the Lord can use any gift.  I really like stories.  I want to be an old grandpa someday that can sit around a campfire and tell all the kids crazy stories.

Welp, back to the office tomorrow for the first time in WHILE!  Then off to Houston for 1.5 weeks.

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