Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is this it?

I've caught myself getting caught up in politics of life and work etc.  You go to work everyday, you do your job, you work hard.  Is this it?  Is life just about making a paycheck and waiting on a promotion?  What a boring life, what a meaningless life that would be if that's all there was to this life.  I've thought about this a lot.  I think I have figured a little something out in my own life.  When my focus is off of the Lord and His Will, I can get caught up in the day to day.  I can find myself just going to work, thinking like the rest of the world, thinking almost like a lost person.  The cool thing I like about the way the Lord deals with me is this.  He never gives up on me.  He knows what I need to get me back and thinking clearly and focus my mind back on Him. 

I used to pick people up on the side of the road all of the time.  I've shared stories about that before on here.  It's the most amazing thing, some of the stories I've heard and just being able to hear the story of strangers.  I haven't picked anyone up in a long time it seems like.  I was leaving work today, after a long week at work, and just in processing thoughts, feelings etc.  A heavy week.  Well I'm leaving the office and I see two people on the side of the road.  I ask them if they need help and they need a ride, so they jump in my Jeep.  These were the sweetest people.  They were the most country people you could meet.  Their car broke down and the police had it towed away.  They didn't have any way to get home the day before so they had to sleep on the floor at someones house.  I had a bag full of chips in the back of my Jeep that they started eating.  (Thanks to Julie Edwards who gave them to me) They hadn't eaten anything, they were tired, thirsty, and just worn out.  We found their car and it need a new fuel pump.  They needed a ride to a town about 20 minutes away.  I honestly was tired and really didn't feel like going that far out the way.  It's funny how the Lord will bless you when you are obedient.  I gave them a ride and it gave us a chance to talk.  I heard about their life and what they had been through and really just paid attention to their story and where they were going.  They talked about how they really just wanted to get married.  I thought they were married, but I guess they were just dating.  We got to talk about the Lord and I found out that they were believers.  They were happy to finally get home and I was happy that the Lord encouraged my heart through talking to them. 

I've also learned that it is not cool to have poison ivy in randomly scary places on your body.  I don't think I have consistently woke up so early in the morning in my life.  Just scratching.  I feel like this is a temporary thorn in my flesh :)  Literally!  It's also not cool to have to get a shot in the hip.  I'm such a baby.


Laura said...

This has nothing do to with your post (good post, BTW) but did you hear about the Croc hunter? I thought about you and your impersonations of him when I heard.

Ed said...

Crikey! You have this great, deep, inspiring post (it is a beaut), and all Laura can comment on is Steve Irwin.
Shallow, shallow people.

Laura said...

What can I say... I amaze most! I seriously thought of JT first when I heard and this post had been up a while.... It was an amazing post and inspires me as most of yours do! Don't be a hater Ed!