Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chris Moody tells of the Proposal to the Lod

This is hilarious if you know Moody. He was self-proclaimed "Bachelor to the Rapture".

So Chris finally made the jump and got engaged. I tell you, this guy is completely out of his league as Lottie is a hottie as she is formally known as. I do salute you Chris for becoming "that guy" and making everyone wonder how you got such a hottie and beautiful woman. The only way is that the Lord has "done gone and blessed you." You have freely relinquished the pimp juice and invested wisely :)

I wish you the best :)


Bad Andy said...

That's funny JT! I love you, but not like Cami loves you, b/c that would be gross

Ed said...

(whistle blow)
The last comment receives a 15 yard penalty; repeat 3rd down.

JT said...

We should kick him out the game!

Lottie said...

So funny! Thanks Pedro for the nice words! We have you to thank for taking our first picture together out on the swing at Chris's landlords place- and I'll never forget one of the first times I hung out with the Dillon boys and you sculpting Pinoccio! time sure flies! Hopefullly we can hang out soon with you and Cami in the Thrill!