Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Yes, I did this

I usually don't like to do these sorts of things but Ed did it, and he saw that Lee did it, and Lee copied that stripper he met...wait, that last part is not true :)

I love Jesus
I like people
I love speaking about Jesus to large groups of people
I like big parties with lots of strangers
I like burgers at big parties
I also like oysters at big parties
I like Mike Rowe in "Dirty Jobs"
I like Johnny Cash and his story and his deep voice
I like people who are friendly to drive-through workers
I love theology
I love motorcycles
I do not like raw onions
I like cooked onions
I like riding dirtbikes and motorcycles
I like to talk geek with Stunningman
I do not like getting lost
I rarely lose my temper, I can count 3 times in my life that I've somewhat lost it
I am very patient
I like computers
I am not a big fan of camping when it rains a lot
I like doc martens, big soles, and wide.
I like Jeep Wranglers.
I do not like waking up early in the morning
I like staying up late
I worry very little
I am very easy going
I like picking up hitch-hikers
I like wakeboarding with Ed
I like practicing voice overs and being a radio guy.
I like doing impersonations.
I do not like spandex
I would like a few kids and maybe adopt 1
I probably need a wife first
I do not like math
I currently work as an application engineer (hmm)
I love evangelism and teaching it
I like Ray Comfort
I can be a hopeless romantic (did I just confess that)
I like "Lost"
I like Jack Bauer in "24"
I still do not like getting lost
I like to ski but don't have snow
I enjoy being nice to people
I love to meet strangers
I want to have some type of "unique" ministry someday
I have 3 worldy dreams
1-Sky Dive , check
2-Rent Crazily Nice Car in cool city, check
3-I can't quite share #3 yet.
I don't like hurting people's feelings
I am confrontational
I like sitting in my closet/recording thingy and making funny voices
I am sensitive
I love studying apologetics
I once dated someone, broke up, and she got engaged about 3 weeks later
I like playing guitar but I am not good
I love to sing but not in front of people
I, so okay, I liked "The Notebook"
I hope to one day work for myself and have time to do things that mean something
I like my Black & Decker Blower, I use it once a week
I like to take things apart
I enjoy naps on Sundays when there is lots of rain, a blanket, and a comfy couch.
I like sectional couches
I want to fly planes one day
I do not like sand
I like to pressure wash
I do not like poison ivy...
I like dreaming and thinking of inventions but am not good at putting them together
I think blogging is fun
I love sleeping by the river in the mountains, w/o rain of course
I love to eat at new places that nobody knows about and then tell everyone
I do not like when puppies poop on the floor
I like when puppies poop outside
I enjoy making strangers feel comfortable
I like discussions with Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses
I like having a huge group of random friends
I must become less, He must become greater


Ed said...

You like watching "Dirty Jobs."
You enjoy spending time with Eve.

Candice said...

So ummm...now that you are posting again...on a regular basis...you are on my links page again. :)