Friday, January 28, 2005


On the way into the office this morning, well I had time to think. I know there are 1.5 hours everyday that I can just relax and think. 45 minutes each way gives you a chance to do that. I should learn Hebrew or Greek on the way in. Today I sat in silence and just thought about all the things that can happen in this life. There are so many wonderful things here. Even as I got close to my office, I could see the mountains in the distance. They are just awesome to look at, especially on a clear day when you can actually see the rocks on top. There are fun things to do. Talking to a friend yesterday, she and her now fiance were looking for a new house. That's exciting. Another friend was excited because her niece always stands at the door and waits for her to come over for a visit. Anytime she hears the knob turn on the door, she thinks it's her. I fit in a pair of jeans that I only got to wear once, again. That's exciting. Salvation and being saved from Hell is a great thing and really can't be put into words, well other than the Bible. The thought that we can spend eternity in heaven is a great truth we can hold here on earth.

With all these great things, there are also many sad things we will deal with in this life. I always write and talk about this, but, it is a lie from the devil himself to think that, "because I'm a Christian and have Jesus, I'm exempt from trials, sadness, and death." It's a lie. There were probably many Christians the tsunami hit. God-fearing people. Possibly even some missionaries. People that devoted their life to telling people about Him.

In the good times, we must resolve in our hearts that the LORD IS GOOD. The trials of this life will never take that away from me. My entire family could be taken from me, I must give a resounding, "HE IS GOOD!" The problems and tears of this life cannot strip me of that. Waves of trouble, sadness, and grief are going to hit your beaches. Jesus is my refuge and I can retreat to Him for high ground when I'm heavily burdened. There is so much hope in that.

Tom Conlon is a man who lives most of his life on the road. He just sings music. He used to be heating and AC man like my dad. He taught me about worship when I was a freshman in college. He also talked to me about girls and my heart. He has a song titled "water." How it flows, how it moves. He compares the Body of Christ to water. He likes to pick up people on the side of the road like me. I haven't picked anyone up in a while, I miss them.

"Children of light, sons and daughters
Sitting in buildings, standing water
Maybe some day soon our hearts will open
Maybe one of these silent nights
We'll just rush like a river flowing"

I really like Tom Conlon. I also like humor. Humor is good for the soul. I had syrup in the back of my car for a long time. Gnomes managed to pour it out on my floor, now my feet stick to random things.

There is still a big life to live and there are many people to serve. I will Go.

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Holly said...

Hey Ree Ree -

Hope you are doing well. Just been thinking about you and those few days it was warm this week (or one day) I sure did think about riding your dirtbike. We gotta get that thing fixed. I watched this thing on TV today about BMX bikes and I was craving to go ride.

I think it is cool how you told about what you think about driving to work because I am always wondering what other people are thinking about in their cars when I pass them.