Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Just Like the Rest

I'm not really sure what in me causes people to think that I have things together. Whenever we eat in a big group, I'm asked to pray. People call me for advice on about everything. I tend to go along with it and pretend like I have it all together. Like there is nothing "wrong" in my life and I know the answers to all issues.

Well the Lord has been teaching me that I am no different. I have issues just like the rest. Different issues, but I still have them. I'm still a beggar. I still need the same bread the rest of the world needs. I need Jesus as much as the hooker, murderer, and rapist. My heart can hurt just like the rest.

There is nothing easy to this life. I cannot imagine going through this life w/o Jesus. The thought of being on my own scares me. It's good to know that when I am hurting, I have someone bigger than this world to talk to. Someone who walked in the same skin I have, a man familar with every type of sorrow, great and small.

I like when I'm driving down the interstate and you can see the horizon so clearly. Especially in the morning when the sun hasn't quite made its way up. You can see the brightness of it and can tell something great is going to happen. I'm so glad I know the creator of that sun and Son. There is something beautiful awaiting on the other side of this life if we know Him. Know Him.

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Holly said...

Man thats good Justin. I cant really grasp that Jesus was a man. I mean, think about that. I wonder what he thought was funny. I wonder if the whole time he was aware that he was in a mansuit but that he was really God incarnate - b/c if he did that seems like he wasn't just a man and that he was different but what if he had to have the same faith that we have. The same faith to believe in God. The only thing I am sure of these days is that God is real. I dont know about any of the rest of the rules or nonrules but I know that God is real. And I can rest in that.