Thursday, January 27, 2005

Just Like Me

I woke up really early this morning. 3 AM. This is very unusual for me but let me tell you how good it felt. I was so ready to go and face the world. I read for a while, prayed, and just asked the Lord to prepare me for the day. It was quite a good time. What if I did that everyday?

So I decided to leave for work while it was still dark, it's crazy how different the world looks in the morning when it's still dark. On the way in, I passed two guys in a white work truck. It had mud all over it with ladders and tools loaded on the back. As I passed by, the guy in the passenger seat looked to be about my age. It reminded me of the days when I worked with my dad. We were in the same type of truck, mud on the tires, and tools loaded on the back. I desired 3 times during the day. 10 AM, 12PM, and 3 PM. These were break times and they were usually very desired. The guy in the passenger seat just sorta glanced over at me. It was a funny look he gave me. I wondered what he was thinking. Then I thought about it. I was wearing a dress shirt, freshly ironed. I just had the feeling that this guy probably thought, "I bet that guy thinks he's better than me" or "I bet that guy has never really worked a day in his life, just run along to your office job." There is no telling what he really thought about me. I wish I could have just held up a sign and said, "I'm just like you, there is no difference, my dad owns that same truck, I used to crawl under houses, I used to sweat insulation particles that would make me itch all day, I used to get dirt down my boxers from trying to duck really low under houses." There is nothing like having dirt in your behind or in any other spot on your body. (In Case you didn't know) This may sound silly, but I just really wanted that guy to know that I'm no different than him despite what my clothes look like. Most days, like today, I would love to be outside feeling the sun on my neck and seeing beads of sweat popping out my arms. I miss having a tan. I wanted to tell that guy that I'm no better than him, I'm the same.

We deal with the same thing in faith. I'm sure someone has gone to the grocery store after church. You are still wearing your church clothes and a thought crosses your mind when you see someone in jeans and a tshirt. "Well I know they didn't go to church today." Then you feel good about yourself for going. Sad to say, there are probably many people in jeans and a tshirt with a clearer understanding of who Jesus is than those with suits and slacks. The Lord has just pressed my heart lately to tell people about Him and to tell my friends that I love them. I never want to come across like I'm better than anyone. The Lord looks deeper than our clothes, salary, and house. If we are not humble people, we are going to do a poor job representing a man who was in very nature God but did not consider Himself equal with God. Now that's a lot to handle. Remember where you came from and what you came out of. Remember to wear overalls when crawling under a house to prevent dirt from well, u know.

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Anonymous said...

This made me think of a Southern gospel song, "Its not what's over the door," that I love to hear the Zion Quartet sing. The song says "Its not what's over the door of the church that you attend that makes you a child of God and a heavenly citizen. As the eyes of the Lord look this world o'er, there's just one thing He's looking for: can't you see that its what's in your heart and not what's over the door." It doesn't matter what church you go to, if you wear brand name clothes, how much money you make, what kinda car (or truck) you drive, or anything else like that. God doesn't see any of that, and its definitely not criteria that enables you to have eternal life. God's looking to see if you've got the Lord in your heart because the only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ. Even when all kinda other things in this world are changing, that never has and never will.