Sunday, January 16, 2005

Can You Feel those Shoes

Shaquille O'neal wears a size 22 shoe. Have you ever seen it? I went into footlocker one day and they had one of his shoes in there. Amazing. It's like Noah's Ark with rubber on the bottom.

I just got back from a Disciple Now weekend up in Fort Mill, SC. It's amazing what thoes weekends can teach you. The goal of the weekend is for students to know the Lord in a deeper way. Some come to know the Lord there. The reason people like me go there is to lead, teach, and help these students know Him more. It's amazing that through that, I always leave changed and feel like I've learned more than they have. I love how the Lord can use a weekend designed for young people to impact anyone. After one of the talks, a little guy came forward to talk. He told me that he had just become a Christian but wanted to confess some sin that he had done. I was able to explain to him that because he did sin that it didn't make him a lost person again. This guy was solid and only in the 6th grade. He was so small. I picked my size 12 shoe up and then looked at his small feet. We talked about how the Christian life is trying to make our feet go where Jesus' feet went. We talked about how big my feet were and that if we were walking on the beach, his shoes could never fill the place where my shoe went. He could try his best but his shoe would never fill the print mine had left. We talked about the prints that Christ left and how we are to seek those out and try to make our footprints of life come close to Christ. I'm so thank-ful for mercy and a God who still loves us even though our prints will never line up on this earth.

There are so many hurting people in this world. What an opportunity we have to do something that will last for eternity. I am learning to be a man of intention. Grace is good, mercy is sweet, and Jesus is forever, it's neat that we can get to know Him now.

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Holly said...

Man Justin. That was so good.