Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Beaches of Eternity

I read about the effects the Tsunami has had on southern Asia, it's so sad. All the people that were once alive are now gone. They are predicting that as many as a few hundred thousand could be dead. People that thought they would have so many more years are gone. Most of the missing and dead are women and children.

We read about this and it seems like it couldn't have really happened. All those people dead, how can that be. There were probably many Christians that died. Death doesn't discriminate who it will take. It certainly took so many over there.

I heard about a man laying out on the beach right after this catastrophe. He wasn't laying out there dead. He was laying out there to get a suntan. I was disgusted by this. How could he even think about laying out there and think about getting a tan with dead bodies floating up on the beach around him. The thought that he could see a body floating up near him and not care. How can he do this? Well I do it all the time. Christians seem to do the same thing. Bodies float up beside us at work, school, in the mall, and even in church. Deadless souls that are lost without the Savior, all around us. Where are we? What are we doing?

The tide of eternity will come in for us all one day at His appointed time. Are the beaches ready?

Through all of this, I have seen how selfish I am. I am so selfish, help me Lord to think about other people above myself!

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stunningman said...

Good thoughts, JT. I have had a hard time grasping the effects of the tsunami. If you really let it soak in instead of just thinking of it as a news report, it makes you think about your priorities.