Tuesday, November 30, 2004

This must stop.

Tampon commercials have gone too far. I mean really. First of all, I would like to state to everyone that I'm not a grossed out kinda guy. I understand that the Lord made women so much different than men and please believe me when I say: I praise Him daily for that. Men would not last a day as a woman. I don't even like getting my finger pricked to give blood. We just would not last. SO I say all that to say, girls, you have it a whole lot harder than us in some areas. I'm not insensitive but must these commercials come on the tube while you are eating dinner. It would actually be ok if they were normal commercials and just stated a few facts and moved on. BUT noooooooooooo. They must have a lil red dot dancing around the screen and leave the world wondering when and where it will land. This is quite hilarious in the back of my mind. Men, we need to pay lobbyist to petition congress to stop these ads, well maybe just have them all moved to the Lifetime channel or whatever channel that is focuses towards the estrogen world. There is also another commercial out for a drug called Seasonale. Here is the website. This drug reduces a woman's period to 4 times per year instead of once a month. Now again, I'm not a woman, but is this safe? It's quite a funny commercial I must say.

I really wasn't serious when I wrote all of this but I just needed a break from work and a chance to make myself laugh. I like to laugh, even at tampon commercials.

Of course, we men face tough things too. Maybe not THAT. But, we have to face hair on our face, the DTR, the RDTR, The face is one of the most sensitive areas on the body. I feel like I'm on the discovery channel and explaining life to everyone. I don't even understand it, much less myself, or the people in it. I really like to blog though, it makes me feel good.

I really understand the blog.


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juju said...

ok, i'd just like to say (as a woman) that perhaps the "increased risk of heartattack, stroke, or blood clots" might make me want to deal with something every month. and i'm sure buying a box of tampons is cheaper anyways.

i'm glad we can talk about this JT. hehe.

mizwez said...

you never cease to amaze me JT