Tuesday, November 16, 2004

THAT guy

So I'm going to write my first book on THAT GUY. I researched a little and there hasn't been a book written on him yet. Amazing. Sure we have all see that guy, we have all been that guy.

That guy who leaves his cell phone on in church.
That guy who talks on his phone all the time, even in social situations that it is not good.
That guy who never seems to take "no" for an answer.
That guy who seems to call people the wrong name.

These are just a few friendly "that guy" moments that are proper to share on the blog. I want to write a book that will encompass all the moment "that guy" has lived. I want my book to include positive "that guy" moments also. Many people are not aware that being "that guy" has very positive connotations. We have all been somewhere and seen a drop living gorgeous girl and then seen this potato-sack of a guy and wondered....yes, you have wondered it...go ahead, u know what I'm going to write. "How did THAT GUY, get THAT GIRL?" I desire to be THAT guy in this situation. Yes it will be the ending of the first book and a perfect leeway into that 2nd book. "THAT GIRL." I will need much help on the 2nd book.

I'm really writing this blog to make myself laugh which is sad. It seems lately that God wants me to learn about how he saves people. Whether they have any say so in the matter. He wants me to deal with these things regardless of whether I want to deal with them or not. Do some babies go to hell? These are questions I have wrestled with tonight and studied about and I was a little emotionally drained. So writing a story about writing a book about "THAT GUY" is very relaxing to me. By the way, I do want to write the book and I did not just make all that up.

Regardless of what I finally come to believe in the salvation department, it's still all about Jesus and His glory. The truth remains the same. He still suffered a life that we should have suffered. He died on a cross that we should have died on. He got spit on with spit that should have been smeared in our face. The whips were meant for our back. He is what our faith is about. If our lives are counted for whether we were reformed or not in our theology, we have missed the boat and missed the love of our Father completely. No matter what side of the coin you fall on today, reformed or not, the command is the same. Go make disciples! I love Him and I want my life to be about Him! Whew!


stunningman said...

justin- i will be thinking of some "that guy" moments to add to your book. and by the way, one day i also hope to be THAT GUY who managed to get THAT GIRL!!!

Candice said...

JT...I'm glad that you have l.c. working with you on your book--It's better when you have people speaking from experience. (L.C. if you are reading this and wondering why I have chosen to pick on you...remember our conversation, "you have nothing...you always say you do...but you have nothing...")

mizwez said...

just wondering when you and lc will be coming out with this new book and where it will be found. i'm also sure that some ladies would be glad to help you with the "that guy" examples. we've all dated them often we're "that girl"