Thursday, December 02, 2004

Are You Going To Eat That

People have got to stop picking their nose. I will be the first to admit, it's a part of life. But I will also say that environment is KEY. I know that everyone does not walk into the bathroom, grab some Charmin, and gently use it to dislodge anything life has thrown up there. C'mon, let's be honest with ourselves. Ok, disclaimer done.
I spend about 10 or more hours a week on the road. I see so many people picking their nose like they are going to be able to sell what they find up there on ebay! THey don't even hide it! I want to look at them, beep, and hold up a sign that says, "You DO NOT have tinted windows!" It's so funny just to look at them do it and keep looking just waiting for that small bit of enjoyment you get when they look up and see you staring at them while there finger is up north. Oh the joys of the road. Many of you are probably just saying that I'm gross by even talking about this. Well it's probably because I've seen you on the road and you felt bad about it. :)
It's fun to find fun things to do on the road. Most of my life, I feel like, is spent on the road. Most of my life to be will be spent on the road. So it's good to know that there are fun things to think about and do while I am out there.
There are so many things they sell on tv. Someone needs to come up with a drug to help the heart lose weight, it would really sell and probably for more than $19.99. Maybe like 3 easy payments of $19.99.


Billy Rogers said...

Justin.... its been a long time since ive read your blog. I must say its great to see you are still writing blogs full of the things that are MOST worthy of blogging: Boogers, Tampons, and Birth Control...

JT said...

Billy, the blog speaks deep into my heart and how good it is....haha....i salute you