Saturday, November 13, 2004

I feel like...

I think I might be pregnant. Oh wait, that can't happen but anyway. I had the strangest feeling tonight. I came in and all I could think about was banana pudding. Literally it was consuming me. I've heard that when you are pregnant, you want random things like pickles and icecream. Well maybe I'm just weird. I eventually satisfied the urge and took a trip to my local Ingles. I purchased a medium sized bucket of banana pudding, baby wipes, and toilet tissue. I must point out again that one should never purchase cheap toilet paper. There are some things that you can go cheap on, TP IS NOT ONE OF THEM. It is an essential part to a regular person's daily life. You should treat yourself right.

On a sidenote. A buddy of mine recently got engaged and had an engagement party tonight. He is Egyptian. I had no idea what to expect at this party. Wow. Let me tell you that Arabic people know how to have fun. Not only do they kiss you on the cheeks when they meet you, they also belly dance! I mean literally. How come I have lived my whole life and never belly danced. I did not just write that. Either way, it was very funny watching total stranger belly dance to Arabic music. It was quite fun. They have no shame. My friend Tavaras (a black guy) says that Arabic people are just like black people. They love to eat, dance, and have fun anywhere they go. I have never seen someone so excited about music, food, and a drum. Yes a drum. I really love foreign people and other cultures. I feel like I have missed out on something in this life by not belly dancing at all the 7th grade parties when I was young. How sad.

I also realized something that is true about myself. I get really aggravated and annoyed when I get lost on the road. Sometimes really annoyed. I get all hot and want to run over things. It only lasts for a few minutes, I think deeply about the GPS system I want to buy for my laptop and it soothes me. :) On a happy note, I realized that I like to be nice to people. I find joy in being nice to people and trying to make them laugh. I also realize that some people do not share this. There are many unhappy people in this world. One night at Eckard, a customer in front of me was not very happy and def. not nice to the cashier. He walked out the door. It made me want to be extra nice to him and in turn, he told me about all the funny pictures he gets to see come through the photo development lab. I might have blogged about this before but he told me his favorite was...... really old men who taked naked pictures of themselves. Now some of you are probably saying, "That is sick" As did I. But I really did laugh out loud when he told me that. That is just plain hilarious. As opposed to hilarious with mustard and ketchup. Old guys and their disposable cameras. So be extra careful when you are standing in line at the 1 hour photo, you know how those pictures just roll off the line in front of everyone. SCANDALOUS!

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erin said...

Justin Tanner...did you and Tdawg pick up some Egyptian that sounds scandalous to me:) what pimps. and thanks for sharing about the old men...definitely thankful i never had to experience that...thats way more than scandalous. and pregnant? oh mr. tanner do we need to talk...i mean dont you know youre supposed to wait til marriage for that? better go repent:)