Thursday, August 19, 2004

I love da People

I just got back from FCA. I really love God's people. Not the ones you neccesarily see sitting on a pew every Sunday morning, but the ones you see with a smile on their face and good words on their lips. Seriously, being at FCA around a bazillion people makes me feel like Christmas time. You wake up Christmas morning at the buttcrack of dawn, run out into the living room and just look at all the presents. You don't know which one to open first. That's how I felt tonight. You see people that you haven't seen in such a long time, and you just don't know where to start. Gosh I love people. I never want my relationship with Christ to depend on people, but they sure help a whole lot. It does something to you, to be surrounded by genuine people that really care about you and how you are doing, most of these people do.

It's good to have people around you, Godly people. It's so tough to live this life for God when you feel like you are out on your own. I know I need people to dig in my life like a gopher well nevermind. I just need people like a fat kid needs cake. A friend tonight brought up the fact that the Bible tells us to not forsake meeting with each other. I love that verse and I'm glad she brought it up. It's straight truth. It's easy to sin when you don't have anyone in your life to hold you accountable. Did I say that I love people? I hope so, they are great.

On a sidenote. I go to get my hair cut every few weeks. I can cut my own hair but I really do like meeting people at the hair place and we always swing around to talking about God, well most of the time. It's fun to talk about God at a hair place because well, if you don't know, everyone listens to others' conversations at the hair place. It's like living in a gossip column. One time, the lady that was cutting my hair and I started talking about God, next thing I know, it's a group conversation! What a great thing. But one thing I don't understand. Everytime I walk in that place...they say..."Welcome to _______, are you here for a haircut? I'm like, ummm no, I'm the guy that was signed up for the oil change and brake job. Haha. I'm so tempted to say it. I would get slapped or have my ear cut off. I love my ears, cept for the one that sticks out to the side, ok, so I don't like my ears so much....

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