Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Yes She Did

There are so many interesting things that happen at Walmart. In our town, Walmart is like a High school reunion, it's the redneck hang-out, and many more things. I've come to discover that Walmart stores throughout the US serve the same purpose. The Walmart in the town I live in now is very close to my house, how convenient.

A few days ago, a friend and I made a nice little trip to that very Walmart. Strolling around the store, enjoying and coveting all the things you never thought you would need, you know, just another day at your neighborhood Walmart. Or is that Applebee's? haha. My friend Lisa and I are just browsing around and eventually make out way through the toy department and IT happens!

Let me say one thing up front, women are a beautiful creation from the hand of God. He created their bodies very uniquely different than man's body. Ok, let me just go ahead and tell you! This woman was breast feeding in the toy section of Walmart! Right in front of the power rangers basically, you have a woman allowing herself to be milked! I'm not trying to be insensitive and I know this is a huge part of life. But now there are 7 year old kids that are walking around with a scar for the rest of their life because they saw this strange sight. Walmart is not the only place it happens. I used to work at an upscale steakhouse and the same thing happened! Table #1 was drinking something that we didn't sell on our menu! At Table 1!!! The first table you see when you walk in the steakhouse! Another time, while working at a hotel, another woman was breastfeeding at the checkin lobby!

Don't get me wrong, each time these things have happened, I have laughed hysterically, but it doesn't mean I want to continue to see them!


Anonymous said...

more women need to follow in these women's footsteps. NONE of us would be here today if it weren't for some woman out there who breast fed them at least once in their lives! we shouldn't hide it!

-cousin meghan

Holly said...

Hey Justin - I am back in Clemson. Hey! I wanna see you and hang out. Call me. Holly