Monday, August 16, 2004

On the Inside

There are so many people in this world that walk around with secrets bottled up in them. Their entire life is spent with something hidden, tucked away in the crevices of the heart, and in the caves of the mind. Some people hold grudges. They hold grudges against people and are held captive to those people their entire life. In turn, the people they are holding grudges against, don't even know there is a problem. Some people have things they should have told their parents years ago, some people have things they should have told their brother or sister. Some people just need to call their parents up and tell them how much they care about them and how much they love them.

Well I also have a confession. I've been keeping something inside for a long time and I think I'm now comfortable with telling people. Yes, by now, you are wondering. What is wrong with you Justin? Oh well. Let me just say it. I pee in the shower. Yes I do it. I have done it for years now and I am now just going to come out the closet. I pee in the shower. There is something liberating about sharing that. It's 7 AM, you are tired, you stayed up too late, you're in the shower, the hot water hits. Man what better thing is there to do than PEE. It's the way God programmed us. Do not fight Him! Liberate yourself.

This isn't so bad. I'm feeling good about sharing. Ok, I pee in other people's showers too. Not everyone's! But there have been times that I have peed in friends' showers!

For all of you out there who are upset about this and no longer want me to spend the night at your house...there is something you should know. I PREVENT FOOT FUNGUS. Yes you heard it right. Urine prevents foot fungus. Well Dr. Jason Grier is currently researching this to find out for sure. But I believe it does. I met a girl a few weeks ago that also pees in the shower. There is nothing greater to hear from a girl! Umm. Yeah. But it was good to hear that there are "others."


JT said...

I am leaving myself a comment because nobody else seems to think it works. I luv commenting to myself, let's see if it works, now post....NOW

Ed said...

You stated that you peed in other people's showers... Would this be while they are taking a shower? If so, please elaborate.