Monday, June 01, 2009

On a jet plane

For the first time since New Year's, I got on a plane today. It was a little strange driving to the airport after I haven't been in so long. I remember way back in the day, flying over San Diego and thinking about all the things that were going on down there that I didn't know about. Mostly I was flying in and flying out and didn't settle in for any type of community. It was strange to fly out today and kinda miss it. There is something about traveling that always revives me in areas. One thing it does it refreshes my need to read. I usually read more when I travel, today I chose to read about everything from bank robbers, biblical dating, song of solomon, and listened to some Ravi Zacharias. Traveling alone makes me way more intentional with my conversations, party because you can get lonely traveling and it helps to talk with people. I am often visited by a clothes gnome that steals my clothes. He usually sticks to stealing my socks one by one, and moves to my boxer briefs, and occasionally steals shoes and jeans. This time it was jeans. I never really buy big ticket items and you won't find me on a $500 shopping spree. I try to buy things as I go. Well I've bought all sorts of jeans and they just disappear. I am down to I think 2 pair that I actually like to wear.

I flew into Washington early today, but too late to go into the office, so I didn't want to just sit in the hotel room, so I went to the mall. I did something today where I actually changed the way I think. In the past, I DO NOT LIKE to try things on. I'd like to just pick up a pair of something and take it home. I usually stay about the same size so it works. Well today, I changed. I went into The Buckle. Now, I've been in there before, but never to buy jeans for myself. It was actually a good experience, I humbled myself and let the sales people help me. I actually tried on multiple pairs of jeans. I am glad I did, because some of their stuff can be really baggy and REALLY tight. It was a good experience and I had a good conversation with the nice people at The Buckle.

I am about to start the Bible in a year plan over again. I struggle to stay focused. It feels good knowing that the God of the universe knows our heart and wants good things for us. I'm glad to know I can trust Him and He never fails.

Does anyone ever have really crazy dreams? I've had some really crazy ones lately and friends of mine too. It's neat to know the Lord can use dreams.

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