Friday, June 05, 2009

Dear Tony Horton

Dear Tony Horton,

Thanks for your contribution of P90X, but I am writing this to confess to you that your dvds haven't moved in 3 weeks. I would like to say that I have done about 75% healthy eating. I hope to do better soon.

your facebook friend,


Candice said...

Dear Tony,

In addition to JT's confession, I too, must confess that I have not been motivated to hear your 'Michael-Scott-like" jokes as I work out. So sorry...that has prevented {and my lack of discipline} to work out to your P90x on a regular basis.

I promise to 'try' harder.


JT said...

Dear Tony,

Please forgive my friend Whitley for her lack of P90xing. She has probably been really busy with work and I'm sure she will do better in the future.

hahaha. i hope you and your man are well!