Friday, May 29, 2009


Ashamedly so, I haven't fasted in a long time. There were some things I wanted to really pray through. I decided to fast, I don't say this to brag that I fasted but to say that I enjoy food more than God. That is a sad statement to make. I could see people eating, commercials talking about it, and listen to people talk about it, all I could think about was food. I realized that I'm supposed to see creation, think about Him, see people and their gifts, and think about Him. I'm so far from that. At least it pointed me to where I lack. So many places.

Ever feel like your heart might just implode? I like knowing that no matter what ,we serve a God who is in control, and by following Him, we know we are in His will and we can discern all things. It doesn't mean that the process is always easy. I trust Him. I want to believe I do.

I want to get on a motorcycle.


Lougenne Castillo said...

I'm Lougenne Castillo from Philippines. I'm a sinner before and doing bad things. After I accepted Lord Jesus Christ into my heart I received His Blessing which is salvation, it is the grace from the Lord and that's the greatest blessing I ever had. I'm now a born again christian by the Holy Spirit of the Lord. (Psalm 119:105)

JT said...
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