Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm still around...

I have been so slow on writing blogs, which is unusual.  Partially it's because for the past few weeks I haven't gotten on a plane, which has been a big change.  Time on the plane was my time to write blogs about random stuff that nobody cares about :) 

So the past few weeks in San Diego have been straight up awesome and crazy.  I love where I live and being downtown in the heart of a city is where it is at.  There is a bar/restaurant/bowling alley right in front of my place and I frequent this location :)  Of course, my job is nutz and I work alot, but it has been well worth the opportunity to be here in a great city.

The biggest news I have is...I think I found a church.  Through a friend in SC, I met up with a new group of friends here in San Diego.  I found out about an Acts 29 church plant called Kaleo.

It meets in a movie theater and the first service was pretty dang cool.  I am not sure that I will even visit any other churches, I was totally digging this church from the start.  We had a blast over the weekend and it is so cool to meet new friends.  It's the strangest thing to go from a place where you know everyone, to a place where you know very few.  This is a big change.  I'm adapting but am definitely noticing that it is tough to stay in touch with East Coast!

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