Sunday, June 29, 2008

Something on my foot

Well this piece of really dry skin has been on my foot for months and months, it might have been there for a year. A P.A. friend of mine a few months back said it was a planter's wart, but I argued and still not really sure. Either way, it's just dead skin that has no feeling. I know this is disgusting, but this is something I am going to document and put Dr. Scholl's to the test and see if his commercials really do what they say. So far, I have taken a callus remover and removed all the dead skin. Next, I am going to place a Dr. Scholl's Salicylic Acid cover on it for 48 hours, then rinse and repeat. I have one small one, and one bigger one. I will keep you updated as the experiment rolls on.

Don't you love blogs, you get to keep up with my feet. Disgusting. I need a wife, I mean a life. Okay, both.

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TMAR said...

gross. :)