Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's prob. good

You know, I do my thing in Diego everyday. Work sometimes more than I should. Play and stay up later than I should. I am only slightly glad that I don't have a "girlfriend" right now...well because I'm pretty sure I would be a broke cracka. There are an unreal amount of pimp things to do, see, and eat here in San Diego. Everyday, I see a new place or something I haven't noticed before. I will say this and have said it many times here, if you are a dude in San Diego and you can't come up with a straight up pimp date, you have zero game. Well, I don't have much game so San Diego helps.

Now you might spend a serious amount of cash, but when the time comes and the woman is right, who cares.

Speaking of women, Ed and Julie will be out here next week :) Of course, Julie has the entire trip planned down to the minute. This will be good for them, they won't miss a thing. A friend of my sisters in Amsterdam is also visiting, so much fun will be had.

Does anyone live in San Diego and want to be my personal assistant? Seriously, I really feel like I need someone to help me out. Between doing daily tasks that I just don't have time to do because I work a lot, well to doing my laundry, filling out my expenses every week, and shipping things. This job will pay nothing, but I will give you access to my condo (to do the laundry) and access to my Xbox 360 and RockBand, well which might leave me soon.

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Huli said...

sign me up...i'm free this summer. we'll have to work on the not paying part though