Thursday, May 08, 2008

This is hilarious

There was a time when I complained to someone about never getting to travel.  Oh I laugh at that day all the time.

I got the call today while I was working in San Diego, "you need to fly back to SC on the next flight out."  So I booked a flight from San Diego to Atlanta at 12:30 and I flew out at 2:40PM.  I arrived into Atlanta at 12:00AM and drove to Pendleton.  It's 3AM and I am about to go to bed.  I will do some very important work on Thursday, then fly back out on Friday morning, first flight out.  Then install some equipment in San Diego, then fly back to Charleston on Friday night's red-eye.  Then back to San Diego on Monday.  5 flights in like 5 days, across the country.  That is crazy, I don't care who ya are.  Fun season.

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Jason, Julie, and Ian said...

Hey Justin! Found your blog! I am so jealous of all the flying you get to do! I absolutely love flying! I keep hoping my job sends me places...but it doesn't. =( Oh well! I hope you're doing well!