Friday, May 09, 2008

I thanked God today for my senses. You know those 5 things that you
learned as a kid. We can touch smell hear taste and see. Of course
those are listed in no particular order. He has magnificently designed
us. I am sitting in first class eating breakfast and just noticed how
good orange juice tastes and that fruit smells so sweet. I am looking
out the window and I can see pillows and pillows of clouds. I like
that we were made to enjoy. This sounds stupid but I like to enjoy
with people. When I eat sushi, I like to try the rolls at the same
time as the people around me.

If you are a Christian, one day we will sit at the table of the KING
and enjoy.


GE is me said...

Do you think there will be sushi in heaven??? Now I'm jonesin' for some! I really need to find a good sushi restaurant in N.E. help?
Hope your travels, while insane, are safe this w/e.

Julie said...

You and Ed can simultaneously enjoy sushi when we come out there this summer..just make sure you find a restaurant that has something I will eat too!