Friday, May 23, 2008

Parents Weekend

So I just surprised my parents in Houston. It is their 32nd wedding
anniversary and being the good son that I am, I booked them a San
Diego weekend:). They will be chillin in the regency suite at the
hyatt on mission bay. The really funny thing is that my dads first
flight was this morning. This is very ironic because I fly across the
country more times than I can count. They are booked first class on
the way back so they will get to see the joys of the air. :) My
parents work the hardest of any people I know and they have taught me
a lot. My mom has taught me a lot about sacrifice and putting others
first and my dad has taught me how to work hard. When you grow up
crawling under houses and in attics, you learn hard work very fast.

I am chillin in seat 1A and my parents are on the same plane as me,
this is so funny. I asked if one wanted my snooty seat but they chose
not so I will eat my breakfast and then take a nap.

Then we will take Diego by storm. :)

On a side note, Rob & Big is the funniest show on tv. If was still
consistently in Clemson, Tavaras and I would have to shoot our own
version since Rob & Big is going off the air :)


GE is me said...

Happy anniversary to the folks. What a testimony & model of marriage. Not that theirs is perfect, but just the fact they've been married 32 is still an example to you. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend.

JT said...

Amen to that, man. 32 years, I'm not even that old :)


JT, Gail is not a man. :) Anyways, hope all is well in the Diego. I am sad that we are no longer domestically attached. The separation was smooth, glad our "kids" are okay. I have to be honest, Andrea is WAY better looking than you.