Thursday, May 08, 2008

Confessions Friday

I'm one tired joker.  But tomorrow I hope to start my chance at breaking some Guiness World Records.  I've about earned enough frequent flyer miles in one week to take a free trip, that's not normal.

Flew in late last night, drove to Clemson in a pimped Volvo, thanks Alamo.  Worked til about 8:30 tonight, now staying at Ed and Julie's because my flight leaves at 6:40 out of GSP.

I will fly in to San Diego about 10:20AM.  Co-worker will take me to a job, we will install some equipment, verify it works, company gets paid a huge check, and I will get on a plane back to Charleston by 2PM, hopefully to pick-up my car that is all lonesome there. 

After this week, I plan on doing some major chillin and possibly see my lil sis play softball for the first time ever :(.  I will also see my mom for Mother's Day.  I finally talked them into taking a trip out to San Diego for their 32nd wedding anniversary.  My dad has never flown, ironic! 

If you haven't watched Mark Driscoll's sermon on Sin, you need to get on Itunes and download that, on the spot.

Okay, so my confession is that I have now worn the same boxers for going on two days and same socks.  Don't tell anyone.

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