Saturday, May 10, 2008

Southern Cali

So I'm going to be famous. Not. But, I am going to be on my first tv show. I mean, I thought living in SoCal meant that you were supposed to be on tv. I will be heading up to LA on Monday night to be an extra on "Way of the Master" tv program. It will be at Grace Community Church which many of you know the pastor, John MacArthur. Ray Comfort I met a few years back and was supposed to meet up with him in Greenville to do some evangelism, but it ended up raining and we never got to go. Either way, I think this will be fun. For those of you who loved "Growing Pains", Kirk Cameron will also be on the set :)

It is against my better judgment to go because it will mean I will be on the road a lot on Monday, but hey, what's new. Plane or car, all the same. Well except I don't get those nice meals in the car :)

The show will be focused on unbiblical preachers and the top 10 ways they fill the church with false converts.


JMS said...

Hey Justin, I was pointed to your blog by a friend in my church. I'm interested to see who makes the "Top 10" list that Ray is putting together. (Hopefully I'm not on it! lol)

Anyway, just stopping by to say hello. Feel free to check out my teaching blog "The Discipleship Dojo" anytime and drop me a line.

Blessings bro,

Julie said...

It would be so fun to meet Kirk Cameron just to relish those memories of a huge childhood crush.