Monday, March 17, 2008

Tandem bike, sushi, zoo, San Diego

San Diego Weekend

So my friend Sam drove down from LA for the weekend. This was the first time I have really got a chance to enjoy the beautiful city I am about to be living. I had a fun plan for Saturday but had a few hiccups. The original plan was for a few hours of kayaking on the bay, then hit up the zoo, the finishes off with some sushi, pool, chillin out. Sam's alternator died on her drive down so we spent some time getting a new one purchased and replaced, and all was well. We ended up spending the day renting a tandem bike, which was ABSOLUTELY hilarious. If you have never done this, you must do it. You totally have to trust the person in front because they are steering, you are only doing the leg work in the back. What a great way to relate to our relationship with God. We are basically on the same team, He is ultimately steering our lives in His sovereignty, but we are still doing legwork in the process by following the commands He has given us through the Bible. Well back to the tandem bike, I chose to be the driver because we all know girls can't drive :) It was so fun, we peddled for about 1.5 hours and then Sam wanted to steer. So we went back to the shop, adjusted the seat to shawty status and off we went. It was SO tough to try and remain calm and not steer. She ended up getting the hang and was a decent driver. Okay, an okay driver. We turned the bikes in, thanked JP for his help, and hit up a restaurant on the ocean and had a fruity drink.

We finished off the day with a relaxing time at the pool to relax and then hit up some Sushi at RA in downtown San Diego's Gas Lamp District.

Today, we set-off for the San Diego Zoo, and it was SO SO SO SO awesome. The pictures can confirm.

I will finish off by saying that friends are so important and my friend Lee wrote a post about being lonely and the value of friends. He was so right. We need people to be around and converse with, laugh with, okay occasionally make fun of :)

Friends are a blessing.

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