Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A better day

So after a crazy and not so fun yesterday, today was so much better. I take so many things for granted, including the fact that I'm 100% joyed and 99% happy all the time. God never promised us happiness, but a fruit of the spirit is joy. Today was a little less stressful and looking up. Avis did upgrade me to a mustang convertible :) My co-workers and I went to Japanese tonight and we had fun.


JustinWTanner said...

Man I can't believe that we share the same name! On top of that... we are complete opposites.

You look like a dork, continously praise god, and like ugly women. We couldn't be futher apart.

I look cool, am an aethiest, and date beautiful women.

I live in San Diego and you visit it.

The part that scares me, is if someone reads your ignorant bible posts and thinks that it is me or see's a picture of you with your ugly women and they think that it's me!! Please specify your middle name so that I won't be confused with you. Thanks!

JT said...

Justin W Tanner,

Thanks for all the compliments, I am glad you are reading my blog.

The Bible says that people who do not believe in God are fools. I hope you are not one of them.

I must have been interesting enough for you to read about my life and where I live. Interesting.

On a serious note, thanks for visiting my blog and according to your profile, you have "2" views, I am pretty sure one was mine, and the other was yours.

Jk with ya bro, I do hope you repent of your sins and seek the forgiveness of Jesus at some point in your life. He is good.