Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tick Tock

So a really relaxed day for the first time in a while. Work has been so absolutely crazy, it's good to have a somewhat relaxed day. By relaxed, I mean I only sweat about 1 gallon instead of 3 :)After two wrecked cars, I am surprised that Avis is being so generous with the upgrades they give me. The latest is a Chrysler 300M which goes well in the ghetto. I drive through and now I am definitely the drug dealer of the neighborhood. Everyone stares at me, some even stopping to take a glance. I want to just to put a sign on the side that says, "sorry, not a drug dealer, see the next white guy in a gangster car."

Please note the sign above, these are the type of conditions I work in and people wonder why I carry a gun everywhere I go. Say whatever you want, but I know who you will run to when something goes down, you are going to hide behind the man with the gun! I was driving down an alley today and got out to work, this sign was the first thing I saw, nice.

I haven't really had the best timing lately or maybe God is just trying to teach me something, who knows. On that same alley, I was driving out and this Asian girl zooms right by on a bike. Had there been two seconds difference, she would have hit my car in the side and probably really hurt herself. She zoomed right on by and didn't even realize I was there. I just took a deep breathe and said "wow."

I actually left work at 5 which is not normal, it's usually 7 or after. I went to the gym here in Houston. There is something I think we guys should note about gyms. First of all, this gym is unreal HUGE. There are so many people up in that piece. God sovereignly had my elliptical right in front of the window where they teach all the classes. Guys, I think I need to bring something to your attention. First of all, did u know that everyday in the US and world, there are THOUSANDS of women "exercising" but I think this is just a cover. I watched them today. They are not exercising, they are training for something. It really does look like they are planning a mass take over of something. You have about 50 women in funny clothes punching and kicking in all sorts of directions. Listen, they are doing this all in perfect harmony. The scary part is when they turned around, I had 50 women looking at me and punching and kicking and hopping, I'm telling you, they are planning something. That is not exercising, they are soldiers. Their outfits are a disguise.

I ended my day with a table full of sushi in my hotel room. I layed it out perfectly and the nice lady at the Sushi place apparently thought I was ordering for two, because she gave me two sets of chopsticks, sorry I'm just a hog. This sushi is the only sushi that you are allowed to eat in two bites. It's HUGE. You have to eat the top off and then eat the roll.

I get to be home next week, I am excited.

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